Four At The Brink

Encounter at Ucluelet Tower

Four adventurers found themselves converging on a tower above Saerun road as troops battled fiercely below, each with a different purpose in mind. Ugmar, half-orc bodyguard to Bren ir’Gadden, searching for his employer and desperate to regain face after failing to thwart his capture. Alix, the changeling searching for more information about the Draconic Prophecy, pieces of which she had uncovered working as a spy for countless generals from all 5 nations. Roryrodriguez, fierce necromancer of Wottingdoom, investigating the tower after talk of zombies heading that way peaked her interest. And the Warforged Fidd, damaged in an earlier battle and missing the memories of his past, stumbles on to the tower searching for clues.

Fidd, Alix and Rory had a tense conversation outside the tower, as Alix had disguised herself as Rory and was trying to pass herself off as the necromancer. Rory, naturally, saw through the disguise right away, but Fidd put on his investigative hat and found the truth eventually. These meat sticks all look the same anyway.

Ugmar, after surveying the conversation from the safety of his tree, deemed the three no great threat and joined them. After brief introductions, they agreed to help each other in their quests and entered the tower.

A battle ensued, resulting in the death of many kruthik hatchlings and a couple of two-headed foulspawn. When the fighting ceased, they found Bren ir’Gadden and his aide Aric Blacktree manacled to the wall, the latter unconscious after having been exposed to a pulsing prophecy mark on the floor of the ruined tower. Ugmar’s ingenious blood beard disguise was seen though immediately but Bren bore no hard feelings to his bodyguard, and asked the adventurers for their help in returning him and his aide to Sharn. After briefly toying with the idea of killing and looting them both, they agreed to help out, and Bren offered his gratitude in the form of a promise of gold. The two prisoners were unshackled, and Bren retrieved his battle gear while Fidd studied Aric for any signs of life. He seemed to be in a catatonic state and Fidd’s lack of understanding in humanity did not help him determine whether there was anything still present within Aric’s mind.

After removing Aric from its damaging effects, Fidd took some time to study the prophecy mark and after taking in the swirling forms for a few minutes, heard a voice in his head: Four at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar. Fidd passed the message on to his comrades, and Alix used the dragonshard she carried to record the message for future use.

Deeming the tower thoroughly looted, the adventurers left, only to find agents of the Emerald Claw waiting outside to take back the captive they had just freed. Led by the necrowitch Mellora, and backed up by a squad of zombies and two of her trusted sergeants, a fierce battle ensued as below them a cataclysm rocked the battlefield.

The zombies fell easily but, much to Fidd’s despair, so did his new pal Watson, who was deployed and destroyed in quick succession. Rory called forth bones from the earth and spheres of shadow fire, Alix eldritch blasted like a mad woman, Ugmar took on properties of the panther and bounded across the battlefield, swinging his axe, and Fidd desperately threw potions and thundered armor to help his friends.

Bren tried his best to help but he was weakened from his imprisonment and was the first to fall as Mellora cast explosions of pure death into the confines of the tower. One by one, the adventurers fell, until Mellora was the only combatant left standing. The stench of rotting flesh and charred stone filled the air, and Mellora laughed as she moved in to retrieve her prize.

Before she could set foot inside the tower however, Alix miraculously found a pool of inner strength that had yet gone untapped, and burst up from the ground in an explosion of starlight. Summoning an orb of radiance, she pushed Mellora back, stabbing her with rays of light and dropping her to the ground amongst her fallen allies.

With Mellora defeated, the party picked themselves up and retrieved what they could from the aftermath of the battle. As they turned to leave, however, they noticed the incredible gray mist that had descended over the nation of Cyre as they fought, and heard the soldiers below still screaming as gods know what horrors befell them.



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