Four At The Brink

On a Misty Morning

Four years had passed since the Day of Mourning, when the mists fell upon Cyre transforming it into the deadly Mournlands. Our adventurers still dream restlessly of the day they defeated Mellora and lost their new companion, Rory, who wandered off into the mists muttering something about ‘fresh bodies’ soon after they left the tower.

Bren ir’Gadden’s family was extremely grateful to the party for returning his body to their home in Sharn, and for bringing the still-catatonic Aric Blacktree along with them. Years passed, and it was this year that the adventurers received an invitation to a remembrance service for Bren, to be held in his family’s tower on the 4th anniversary of the Day of Mourning.

Ugmar, still filled with regret from his failure to save his lord, was hesitant but bound by honour to attend, and was the first to arrive. Alix, nervous to be among such a large crowd, came disguised as a random passerby. Fidd showed up last, but not alone, bringing with him a Kenku bard he had met on his way to Sharn called Rook. With Ugmar and Fidd nearby, Alix felt safe enough to revert to her normal form, and the new party waited on the balcony for the speeches to begin, chatting with the guests around them. Alix found out that this whole thing had been organised by Aric, who had recovered from the ordeal at the tower and was extremely grateful for their help.

It was just as one of ir’Gaddens former army buddies was finishing up his interminable speech that the door to the tower burst open, startling the crowd and prompting the adventurers to jump into action. Unfortunately, when Rook investigated the door, it seemed that it had just been an unusual gust of wind which had blown the door open, and he closed the door, disappointed that the speech would have to continue.

Seconds later however, the door burst open again and a familiar grey mist wafted from the inside of the tower. The other guests screamed and ran to the edge of the balcony, thinking that the Mourning was coming to Sharn as it had to Cyre four years ago, but as the Tower ir’Gadden was one of the highest in Sharn, there was nowhere for them to go. A monstrous roar came from the centre of the mist as a cloud of it seemed to move of its own accord out on to the balcony. On closer inspection there seemed to be a large shadowy form hidden among the mist, and Alix soon realised that their party was facing a Mourning Haunt, a demon transformed by the Mournlands.

A fierce battle ensued, with Fidd dropping infusions from the upper balcony and Alix blasting eldritch and radiant energy towards the creature at every opportunity. The screaming guests were disintegrating into mist as the demon blasted his mist outwards, and Rook was brought close to death many times trying to protect them. Finally, Rook confused the monster with his mimicry skills, allowing Ugmar to get up close and personal with his greataxe and finally the monster was defeated. As the creature dissolved, the final wisps of mist formed the mark of prophecy that the party had seen in that tower four years ago, and which had haunted their dreams ever since.

With this evidence that the haunt had something to do with the prophecy and, by extension, their party, the adventurers set out into the lower levels of Sharn to determine where this demon had come from and who had summoned it. They intimidated shopkeepers and people on the street, tracked the monster by the remnants of white fur which dissolved into mist, and used their street skills to track down the source of the monster. As they circled in on their destination, Fidd lead them into a sewer which, using his keen investigative skills, he had determined would take them to the source of the creature.

As they ventured into the sewer, Fidd ignited his Delver’s Light and let out the closest the Warforged could give to a scream, as they saw an ochre jelly feeding on an unfortunate dwarf in front of them. Fidd, irrationally afraid of the toxic jelly, backed off as far as he could while still being able to attack. As the others fought the jelly, it split into two and one of the new, smaller jellies moved towards Fidd, backing him into the corner. Drawing on a new sense of purpose after seeing how easily the jellies could be manipulated, Fidd rushed past the closest blob and deftly tucked some of the acidic goo into a glass jar, just before the jelly was destroyed by the rest of the party.

Realising that the jelly remnant would quickly eat its way through the glass jar, Fidd convinced the party to do some shopping, and found a ritualist who would be able to magically enhance a jar to hold the jelly indefinitely. After some persuasion and bargaining involving convincing the man that they would be able to get him his own pet jelly, he agreed to enchant the jar for a price. Fidd considered the price too high, but after convincing Alix to change into somebody that was just the man’s type and flash him her breasts, he brought the price down to a reasonable level.

After another misstep involving a group of halfling thieves, they found themselves at a townhouse in the lower slums of Sharn which was humming with arcane energy. After a thumping, Ugmar had learned from a passerby that a man with black hair was often seen in this area surrounded by a posse of goblins.

Sneakily, the group picked the lock on the door and Rook tiptoed inside to get the lay of the land. The lower level of the house seemed to be a regular home, and would have been quite cozy if it weren’t for all the goblins. One of the goblins spotted Rook and quickly called out to the rest of the house, as the party charged in to back Rook up.

The goblins were quickly dispatched, and as Ugmar faced off against a competitive half-orc who didn’t like the fact that there was another of his species in the room, the others quickly took down the two shifters as well. With all the enemies dead, the adventurers looked towards the stairs, where they could hear a strange arcane buzzing and thumping drifting from the upper level of the house.



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